Anna Sophia Berglund

Miss January 2011 Playmate

April Scott

Super Model and actress: Deal No Deal, Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning, Model Turned Superstar

Athena Lunberg

Miss January 2006 Playmate

Audrey Alan

Miss June 2013 Playmate

Cassie Cardelle

Super Model and actress: Dead Sea Rising, Peer Pressure, Cage Insider

Cecille Gahr

Model, Beauty and the Geek Star

Ciara Price

Miss November 2011 Playmate

Claire Sinclair

Playmate of the Year 2011

Claudia Jordan

Super Model: Deal No Deal

Heather Rae Young

Miss February 2010 Playmate

Jessica Burciaga

Miss February 2009 Playmate

Nicole Leigh Farnum

Miss May 2012 Playmate

Peggy Tanous

Super Model: Real Housewives of OC

Raquel Pomplun

Miss April 2012 Playmate

Renee and Rosie Tenison

Playmate of the Year and Special Edition Playboy Pictorial

Renee Tenison

Playmate of the Year and actress: LA Heat, Nutty Professor II, The Parkers

Rosie Tenison

Playmate and actress: Steve Harvey, The Parkers, LA Heat, Married With Children

Scarlet Keegan

Miss September 2004 Playmate

Shelby Chesnes

Miss July 2012 Playmate

Spencer Scott

Miss October 2007 Playmate

Stacy Fuson

Miss February Playmate

Syd Wilder

Super model and actress: Piranhaconda, Super Shark, Tonight Show, Night of the Living Deb

Tiffany Selby

Miss July 2007 Playmate

Tiffany Toth

Miss September 2011

Trashell Thompson

Playmate and Hooters Swimsuit Model